Zzz CalciferDS (zzzds) wrote,
Zzz CalciferDS

Wasuremashisuuuuu~ xD

not gonna post anything anymore.

aku dah rabun duh
left 1.75 right 2.50

cainabe, why rating makin low?
山ちゃん sad u know.. T.T

still waiting for the sub
i really wanna watch it (;_;)
ありがとう for those who subbing this drama (*^_^*)

i hope i can go back 2months ago i think to thank the dentist who check my teeth. she is so kind i regret i just walked away =="

and anyone who saw this pleasr check my youtube channel Zzz CalciferDS, i do short hsj vid xD less then a min. if it reached 50viewers iwill upload more.. hope tak kena mcm dulu xD
Heres the link

EH! TODAY IS KHAMIS LA DUDE! I FORGOT cz i didnt go to school xD egegegege cau ah~

wait! im not forget peach girl! wuuu cant wait to see it! inooちゃん act is intresting xD

trash english trash trash xD

HSJ single-Fantastic time.
i tried to do the dance but i cant. idk why its not hard but I CANTTTT! T.T wuuu
but my fav song was never let you go ♡ daiちゃん and chii rap was amaizing! and the part "ikou ze babybaby blabla te wo totte" goshhh its really nice! and the opening daiちゃん's "ladies and gentleman boys and GYARU" xD かわいいすぎる!!
sorry 山田くん im not talking abt you.. ok here the fantatime where yamachii facing together! goshh im meltt! no pic. soz.

ah forgot this week dont have liltokyolife huhT.T hmm
last week yamada avafsks kakkoi

was cute xD but why candle??! xD omg

ok cauuuuuusu~

soz ada agi =="

not gonna talk long long about school kakumei, itajan, and blabla so let this pic explain it all

かわいいでしょう~~??? xD
im jealous with the fan who kena suprise by them (;_;)

Yamada voice on buzz rythm was sooo cool when he complain abt chinen xD omgg i broke my reply button ya know xD "ui chinen" xD eeee

ok ja nee

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