Zzz CalciferDS (zzzds) wrote,
Zzz CalciferDS

Chiichan!!! Tanjoubi OMEDETOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUsu~!

OMG 30mins left xD
i was khayal with others new entry. Yappari, some subbing teams will share something for our baby chii tanjoubi xD

Its not like im late to wish him but i prefer to wish at the end of the day xD
like The Last Man Standing? maybe xD lel
btw let get to the topic.

Otanjoubi Omedetou Chii! ^^

already 23 heh .. i have to Sorosoro simpan duit to meet you soon. i hope i can.. hmmm. i know its maksiat(lol.yea) but i really wanna meet HSJ >w< pleaseee atleast once in my lifeee T,T dont get too older eh. hahaha pft.

So, chii, tho you're not my ichi but you're my HONEY(ececece~ xD) so shoganaiii na~ GOSHHHH LAGGGG ;< Cant wait to see kin medaru xD maa i still didnt finish Sprout tho. it was bored ;/ i dont like the heroin ^^' hehe gomen ne~ but i really enjoyed Hisatsu Shigotonin! now im waiting for 2015 ver with sub ^^ WakuWaku DESUUUU!!

tbh, im really jealous with you chiichan~ T,T minna(HSJ) really loves you.. wuuu ii na~ ahahaha but im not saying i hate my life~ i also LOVE what i already have ^^


Please take care of my ichi, since i even meet him but SOON! ok SOON!
Stay cute and shy chii ;*



phew sempat! 2359!
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