Zzz CalciferDS (zzzds) wrote,
Zzz CalciferDS

Otanjoubi Omedetouuuusu~!

Boku no Sunshine へ,
Happy 26th birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!

isn't he FREAKING cool (。>﹏<。) Goshhhh

isn't a nice character? star mitai ;3

idk what to say xD ahahaha actually im too lazy to write this xD
maa maa~ keep smiling Hikaru-kun :) May God bless you and have a nice daayyy!
i wonder how jump celebrating chii-chan and hikaru-kun >w< Damn i whish i was one of them
can i change my gender(become genderbanderxD) and join janiizu. Wooo! mana tahu dapat masuk JUMP xD ehehehe~ apa sia berangan -0- shuh shuh~

Ee my hand's so smelly -,- i had was it 3 times with soap tho. maybe because i touched the cat that just come to my house. idk whos cat but she looks so skinny and dirty ;< kawaisoo..
Damn u human who throw her away.

ok back to Hikaru-kun,
hikaru, just like your name, you always shining ^^ always be my niiban(with daichan. cz idk i just loooove both of them) alway makes stupid jokes, always get teased by your kouhai(others too),always take care of the members, always.. blablabla xD gomen. ありがとうne ^^ for existing. ありがとうne Hikaru-kun no okaa-sama!

Jaa, sore dake
HikaYama(?) OMG this is weird xD but i laaaaaav them!!
I ship everyone with Yama-chan but this one is speciall xD

YabuHika for LIFE <3 WOO!

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