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Zzz CalciferDS
09 October 2016 @ 02:17 pm
I should've write.this earlier xD but yea.


Okay so, 3 or 4 days ago (why the space is too big ==') i heard about 山 went to the hospital and during the concert semua2 tu...

Aduhhh 山ちゃん please don't push yourself too much,makes me worries everytime i hear news about you.. (´;ω;`) you still didnt recover 100% yet but still, you're trying your best to makes us happy (´;ω;`) wuuu Arigatouu! Otsukaresamadeshita! (*´ω`*)♡♡♡

i wanna share a pic of 山 that i really like!
*Ba Dum Tss*

OHH GOSHHH HE'S REALLY KAKKOI RIGHT?! IM DYINGGGG *NOOSEBLEED* xD its been a long time to see him this cool with his black hair ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

and for Takada Yuくん

I had an exam next week. Oct 10 until Oct 27 . so i will skip your (ehhh! susah sia nak buat ayat ==") first ep of Cain to Aberu. gomenne. but i dont know if i can hold my nafsu xD ahahahaha. I really wanna see it and look forward to it >w<

okay cau gotta study.
payung niiban jap xD

光くん~ かわいい~♡♡✧ (*´ω`*)

Zzz CalciferDS
26 September 2016 @ 12:02 am
Maa maa maa~
As always, im too lazy to write.
So lets make this short je eh. First of all..

* drum roll*
Ba Dum Tss

Happy Official 9th Bithday Jump-kun tachi 😳😳

Here is my puresento

Hehe. I know its ugly --"
I just put this put that. Then BAM! Here u go. Quite nice actually en xD dont shy shy cat to puji me pls.

Btw, we also got a surprise from someone 😊 Douzo~

Ryuu-kun mo, crongratz the members >w< awhhhh ryuu-kun!! Soo sweeeett! Arigatou ne ;'3 you remember them. Makes me wanna cry ah. Miss you ryuu-kun. Hope you doing well with your new members ;D

Ok dah pi sana.

Jump pulak xD
Thank you for always be by my side ;D donna toki demo, sobani ite kurete, itsumo arigatou gozaimasushi xD idk what im saying. Ok ja nee~ oyasumi.
Ashita no shigoto, ganbatte ne! Yoshh! Im also will do my best in study and then when i grow up. I wanna meet you guys ;D wait for me eh. I hope yama-chan will not be above 30y/o at that time xD ahahaha Jaa ne~

Zzz CalciferDS
22 September 2016 @ 12:53 am
Hai, so i dont have any mood to write this actually, but if i dont then i would't know how i feel at this time if i want to recall it in the future.. and also im not feeling well cz yesterday i had a fever and sore throat untill now and suddenly got my asthma --' it was a pain in the ass you know.. duh duh. 2days already im not going to school hope tomorrow i can cz exam is just in the corner ;<

okay lets get to the topic

Hehe ~ HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY Hey!Say!JUMP o(≧∇≦o)σ(≧ε≦o)o(≧∇≦o)σ(≧ε≦o)o(≧∇≦o)σ(≧ε≦o) ahahaha! Hontouni arigatougozaimasu for existing Σ(*ノ´>ω<。`)ノ Arigatou kitagawa johnny-san Σ(*ノ´>ω<。`)ノ arigatou jump no okaa-san Σ(*ノ´>ω<。`)ノ arigatou jump no otou-san Σ(*ノ´>ω<。`)ノ arigatou minnaaaa!

Yama-chan へ、

please keep your 'my pace' self xD idk ei the sentence xD cant wait to see your first romance dorama ;)

ok lets make all of this ucapan 1 sentence.

Chii-chan へ、

Please keep your kawaiiness, eventho u're short but you always win against yama-chan heh xD can't wait to see your movies also.. ^^

Takaki-kun へ、

Please make more funny reaction for us, konno reaction king yaroo~ xD I love your sexy voice ;* hope to see you more in variety show/drama

Inoo-chan へ、

Please dont keep you fingers beautiful like thatt >,< im so jealousss waaa Dx but you can keep the cuteness of inyaa kei ;3 i lav it . ii no? Love your character in soshite daremo inakunatta ;* goshhh i think im gonna rewatch it

Yuto-kun へ、

Please dont keep that cold side of yours. i miss you cute & high tension side. seriously ;< its feel uncomfortable to call you yutti like the others members/fans call you maybe because .. yea T,T pinku to gure. its still hurts me.. soooooo much. but i can accept it, myb, one day ;) and i will always support you like the other members no matter what! ;D

Keito へ、

Please keep your pureness and kawaiiness xD its so funny to watch you being bullied by the other members xD goshh if youre somthing that can buy mochiron i will buy it immediately xD appear more in school kakumei eh xD

Yabucchi-sensei へ、

Please smile MOTTO MOTTO xD hikaru was right.. your eyes was soo cute when youre smile xD not only your eyes but your whole face xD and please take care of other members too ;D youre a great leader ;* another please, please appear more on tv xD miss ya ya yah tetiba ;')

Hikaru-kun へ、

Pease dont do lame jokes anymore xD or yama-chan & chii-chan will 'laga-laga lutut' xD lol just like in school kakumei xD glad you're already okay with cats <3 i'll start watching hirunandesu from now on.. InsyaAllah xD

Dai-chan へ、

Please get OLDERRRR! goshhh! seriously! you;re so cute -,- i tink even cuter than chiichan. yourr face looks like an elementry school girl. ahahaha yep. gomenne dai-chan. Thanks for always makes the members laugh xD cz u always talks a lot xD *matamatamatamata*

Arigatougozaimasu minna for always makes my days, EVERYDAY cheerful ;D thanks for existing! you're my first fandom that i fangirling SOO FREAKING much for you guys. just like the other fans. maybe much more fans out there are more crazy about you guys. ahahaha no wonder ah duh. ja~
Itsumo arigatou gozaimasu.
Korekara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Zzz CalciferDS
16 September 2016 @ 11:02 pm
Weba )/
Tadi lain ni lain. Ok so now imma gonna talk about hsj ofc xD ahahaha

Ugh my battery already 13% so im gonna write this cepat2 Dx

Cain to Aberu! The shory trailer/treaser (idk what the different) has already out! I brokw my reply button duh xD yama-chan mechaaa kakkoi ya~ eeeeee >w< gawd dwammit

HORAAA! Kakkoi deshou?! Deshou deshouu >w<
Ok dah

This week&las week itajump was really funny! XD serious duh ahahaha
Here, this week ss

I dont understand what they're talking about T.T but he's so cute xD ahaha

Dai-chan tries to eat something lol i think like asam kud.. Cz they say sour sour i think xD ahaha

Poor dai-chan 😂

*drum roll*
Ba Dum Tss

Daiko~~ <3

Goshh he's cuter than a real girl >w<


And inoo-chan become high tension when he sees daiko xD

He lift daiko's skirt.. I think i had ss it but the pic gone --" dammit. Spoil ahh T.T
Maa maa~

And here is my new ship that i just bought xD

Inoo-chan introduce his new gf on mezameshi tv xD
Inoo-chan looks kakkoi deshou in this pic xD 100% sure i will sail with this ship.
Okok dah tu. Dah start mengarut xD
Cau lu
Tinggal 5% siak battery xD

And and idk i should glad or sad about itajump will not be aired 3weeks in a row starting next week.. Ahaha i think i should glad ah cz i can focus on my exams this early october. Cain to aberu pun will be aired on 17Oct~ so yea! Habis exam memang aku merdeka ahh!! Woooo!

Ok teringat 18-kin ichidaiji uh xD yama-chan was really happy when takaki choose the ichidaiji xD perv yama-chan~~

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Zzz CalciferDS
16 September 2016 @ 10:27 pm
This time i post on friday xD since its a school holiday week. Mbeh ntah betul ntah tidak aku cakap xD. Suminasen ne~ T.T so next week i haveta go to school as usual .. Ikitakunaiiii Dx 😩😩

Imma at my grandma house now and its already night so idk whut to do. Its still early tho to sleep --"

So now im gonna list my top heysayjump member&their songs. Starts from the beginning of my fandom kay.

Members ranking
Yamada Ryosuke(ofcourse! I wont change my ichiban!)
Okamoto Keito(he's so cuteee! And pure xD)
Chinen Yuri(he's super duper cute! & yama-chan's .. >;3)
This time i only focus on this three ^ and dont really care about other members ^^"
Arioka Daiki
Nakajima Yuto
Yabu Kota
Yaotome Hikaru
Takaki YuyaInoo Kei(sorry but i kizukanakatta about their existance in this group xD hontou ni sumimasen deshita.(シ_ _)シ )

And nowwww
Yama-channn~~ ಥ_ಥ ;*
Hikaru-kun( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 💕💕
Dai-chann (´∀`)👶 (he doesnt get older heh?)
Ii no?-chan xD
Yabu-kun&Takaki-kun I cant choose between these two gentleman.. Hmm they both have sexy voice >w< awwuuu

Omg let's stop here. 😷 sakit belakang dah xD ahaha i'll continue the songs next time xD

So the conclusion is,.. This member ranking will always change xD cause they have their own 'special attraction'

lol wtf sia special attraction xD lama gila siak aku pikir ranking dorang.
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Zzz CalciferDS
Anyone know where i can watch online or download Assassination Classroom Graduation? ;< i have been searching for it a loong time but still can't find it. or maybe there's still no one gonna sub it? T,T

Let me know if u know kay? mekasihhh~

Thankyou ;*
Zzz CalciferDS
08 September 2016 @ 09:40 am
Right now im alone at the back of ICT's room T,T xD bhahahaha not really, my others classmate like to duduk bersila at the back too, but in the middle and im at the corner and like *creepying smirk while tulis this* XD ahaha ok bwehhh

2 days ago(eh? ya. i this it is.) i ald saw a pic/video of yama-chan with his black/brown hair!!

woo~~ apak ah srs duh. OMG Kakkoiii sugi yaaa~~ Eeeee!! and he talked about his new drama 'Cain and Able' or 'Kain to Aberu' or 'Qabil dan Habil'. lel. xD The drama will be aired in October so.,, Wake me up when October come kay? xD

Is it Hikaru-kun already wear his braces? Hmmm~ If its true, i didn't realise it at all duh o.O

and and I also can't wait to see Haruna-chan's new movie!

Ishuukan friend >w< she's so beautifullll! i really admire her and ship her VERY VERY MUCH with yama-chan since kindaichi xD MWEHEHEHEHE ;B

Kawaii deshouuuuu?!!!
There's still lots of her drama that i didn't watch yet T,T ishhh.

T,T hurry up la pukul 1. I wanna go back asap ni.. can't wait to watch ItaJump~ wuuu

btw! on last week ITaJump, yama-chan was really kawaii >w< ahahaha.

He also want to take part in the 'Yume no naka de' eh? XD I ALSO WANT HIM TO TAKE PART IN IT TOOOO!!! >w< one day kay one day. sabar sabar~

BM dah nak habis so,
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Zzz CalciferDS
01 September 2016 @ 09:32 am
Lately, im TOO LAZY to update post a -o- ei ei . i think i just gonna quit ah update post2 ih -,- menyusahkn.

Sa! Hajimeyouuusu!

first, the latest ItaJump xD ahahaha hikaru-kun choo kawaiiiisu~~~

poor him xD The CHOOO funny part is when he became tsundere xD

"kawai..chotto" OMGGG xD ahahaha

AND AND FINALLYYYY!!! Yama-chan already dye(pasttense dia cana? died? dyed?--' idk.i know im stopid) his hair BLACKKKK!! >w< omggg! SOMEONE PLEASE POST HIS PIC WITH THIS NEW HAIRR!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!! xD

[Cikgu pasang kahoot.Tak boleh focus aku xD]

and also~ T,T sad news.. ill sambung at home~
BACK! before i continue... i wanna tell something sad T,T wuuu just now when i walked back home, i saw a mommy cat died on the side road ;< poor her. she's still had her baby ih her stomach T,T wuuu.. Gomenne mommy-chan i leave you there.. T,T HONTO GOMEN!!

back to the topic, wuuu (sedey lagi --') i read an article abt yama-chan will not act in a romance drama(the 'Aniki Kanojo tu).. aduh..sedey gila duh. Ei Ei. dammit lag--'


Accidently found this pic xD



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Zzz CalciferDS
18 August 2016 @ 09:16 am
Imma at school now~ xD
well, biasa ah. im an ICT student so we usually(not really actually, only when ict period or whenever had presentation xD)

edit balik xD
while i was writing this ^^^^^ atas ih, my bahasa teacher called me to do a presentation -0- ahahaha that's why tertunda xD and now aku malas nak tulis pape. so bye.

btw, about Mr Flawless - Yuuyan,Yabu&Yutti PV , i think i already watched it 6 times since yesterday xD They're so cool in that PV >w
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Zzz CalciferDS
11 August 2016 @ 03:21 am
Okay imma gonna update natang ih kejap ja, then tidoq. hontou ni nemui su yo~ eventho im not gonna go to gakkou tomorrow ;3 ahahaha

So yea, hajimeyouuukka~

Gommen ne for late but OTANJOUBI OMEDETOUUUYUTTI-KUN~ ehehe~ xD (--" nani sore)

As usual, of course with yama-chan~~ ;* ahahaha
Have a nice day dude.✌

and a bit report pasal last week is.. Hmm wait aa...

This. XD

(Credit to dj-daiki on tumblr. I cilok ja sashin ih xD)
Ajahahaha poor yamada xD btw, its from the latest school kakumei ... Okok thats all la. Im too lazy to cakapbanyak2 bukan ada org nak dengar pun --" duhduh. I really look forward to/for(?demit im stopid)today's itaJUMP~ huhu


#right now, im really fall in love with kawaguchi haruna. >,< OMGGG SHE'S FREAKING BEUUTIFULLLL 😍😍😍😍


I really wanna do my top hsj songs. But hmmm 😩. too lazy . xD also abt their new album [DEAR.]. Ftw My Girl~

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