Zzz CalciferDS (zzzds) wrote,
Zzz CalciferDS

My insomnia is backkkkusu~

Its been 4days i havent sleep.. T.T
but wait. its not like i didnt sleep at all, but i sleep after subuh ==" like 7 until 11 . but yesterday i wakes up at 2pm xD ahahahaha thats bcause i sleep at 8:30 macam uh la adui~
and yeah, tpday i also didnt sleep. yet. its 7am. I CANT! cz i have to go to khusus something T.T taihen desu yoo! Tasukeeteeekudasaaaiiiiiiiii!!! Hmp.

btw when i didnt sleep, i only layan j-dorama xD i wanna rewatch HSJ con, but.. hmmm its not the right time. maybe.. cz i have to watch it in a high tenshon mood u knoww~! xD baru ada feeling sia.
so yea the first night i layan papa to musume no nanakokan(?) yea. in one night! xD at first i was really annoying with the main chara gurl. how can she treat her otou-san like that. but then after they change i started to like her xD it was SOO funny! xD i laugh my ass off u know xD lel nice ending. i rate it 9 out of 10 . ;)

2nd night i didnt layan anything. i do a clean secara besar-besaran at my room. peh! Hontou ni tsukareta!
Here is my 'i havent read' book's collection xD

i think i only read about 8or9 books. the rest,hmm~
Hon wa suki su yo~
but read.. hmm ammari.. nai.. xD
broken japanese.

Quotes: "もっともっと本を読もう"
Motto motto hon wo yomou
Kinpachi-sensei s7
(correct me if im wrong)

3rd night, i layan Shokojo Sara.Shida mirai-chan wa kawaii yo neeeee! ehehehe! the male chara mo~ eeee kawaiikawaiikawaiikawaiikawaiikawaiiMAXKAWAII!! ;P

and tonight i layan CHEF 1ep. jimi ni sugoi... 1ep. and communiting to school, commuter tram(?( ee idk th titlw and how to spell it >w<. byt didnt finish yet cz error on kissasian T.T wuuu

lastly, chii-chan no tanjoubi is just in the corner eh~? otanoshimini ^^

cain to aberu yg ep YamaHaru <3<3

Kyaa! Kyaa! I cant wait!!

and i didnt watch lil tokyo live yet ;<

wowowo! gotta go now!

black haired 山 makes my heart goes DOKI DOKI<3

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